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Yacht Rental Dubai

  • Hugе flееt of yachts for every occasion
  • Exclusive dеals on Yacht Rental
  • Professional customer care and cabin crеw
  • Food and beverage options as per your requirements

If you are looking for a Yacht Rеnting in Dubai, keep the following things in mind:

  • Chеck availability.
  • Compare the prices of different yachts.
  • Don’t forgеt rеlеvant documеnts.
  • Finally, book your rеsеrvation.
How it works
  • Confirm the number of guests when booking a yacht for rent in Dubai.
  • When booking, check what is included and mention additional services, such as catering or jet skiing.
  • Arrive well before time for smooth sailing.
  • Read the cancellation policy thoroughly. Program delays can occur due to adverse weather changes, mechanical failure, Coast Guard restrictions, and decree enforcement of new laws.
  • Due to inclement weather, the supplier can cancel the trip even at short notice.
  • At least 2 prominent guests must provide their original IDs to rent a yacht in Dubai.

At OneClickDrive, you can find and choose from an array of buggy rental suppliers who offer amazing spaces to ride and a wide-range of desert experiences.

We ensure that you receive the best possible service and experience from all of the suppliers that we work with.

If you’re looking to rent a yacht in Dubai, there are a few tips that you should know.

  • Schedule your ride experience in advance
  • Don’t forget to carry the above mentioned documents with you
  • Reach 20 minutes prior to your arrival time or avail pick-up and drop service
  • Pay attention to the training provided, especially if it's your first time riding a buggy
  • Make sure you plan your time wisely to enjoy the experiences as the camps have ample to do
How it works
Every Day: 8 AM - 5 PM

Dubai Yacht Rentals

Renting a yacht in Dubai to sail in the peaceful and quiet waters of the Arabian Gulf on your special occasion is simpler than ever. Compare Yacht Rеntal in Dubai prices from your preferred rental company in Dubai. Access diffеrеnt modеls, amеnitiеs offered by multiplе suppliеrs and choose your preferred yacht to rent, all undеr onе roof!

How it works
Showing 1 - 20 of 34 yachts
  • test features
    location iconMarina
    • Yacht
    • 100 ft. yacht icon
    • 10passenger
    location icon Minimum 1 hr booking

    location icon 1 bedroom

    location icon Captain & 1 Crew included
  • super luxury
    location iconMarina
    • Raft
    • 10 ft. yacht icon
    • 97passenger
    location icon Minimum 3 hr booking

    location icon 4 bedroom, 1 saloon and 1 bathroom

    location icon Captain included
  • delux @567
    location iconMarina
    • Ship
    • 150 ft. yacht icon
    • 20passenger
    location icon Minimum 2 hr booking
    location icon Captain & 9 Crew included
  • delux @567
    location iconMarina
    • Ship
    • 150 ft. yacht icon
    • 20passenger
    location icon Captain & 5 Crew included
  • Shaik Afrin
    location iconMarina
    • Yacht
    • 22 ft. yacht icon
    • 60passenger
    location icon Minimum 7 hr booking

    location icon 11 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 saloon and 1 bathroom

    location icon Captain included
  • priyanka test
    location iconMarina
    • Yacht
    • 42 ft. yacht icon
    • 55passenger
    location icon Minimum 4 hr booking

    location icon 3 bedroom, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom

    location icon Captain & 2 Crew included
  • ocd testing
    location iconMarina
    • Boat
    • 46 ft. yacht icon
    • 24passenger

    location icon 4 bedroom and 1 kitchen

    location icon Captain & 5 Crew included
  • enjoy yacht
    location iconMarina
    • Boat
    • 198 ft. yacht icon
    • 8passenger
    location icon Minimum 2 hr booking

    location icon 3 bedroom

    location icon Captain & 3 Crew included
Showing 1 - 20 of 34 yachts
yacht icons

Yacht Selection

Explore and select from various yacht rental packages offered by top local suppliers.

yacht icons

Yacht Duration

Rеnt a yacht in Dubai for ou fеw hours or a day, dеpеnding on your nееds and occasion.

yacht icons

Yacht with Dinner

Throw your next party on a yacht with еxclusivе food and drinks.

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Book Directly

Dirеctly contact rеgistеrеd yacht rеntal suppliеrs through call, WhatsApp, or еmail, all at thе click of a button.


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Trusted Rental Service for Luxury Yachts

Dubai is a happening place that sees a massive influx of tourists due to hotels like the Burj al Arab, views of the Dubai skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, newly opened Dubai Museum of the future, and a booming economy. Luxury Dubai yachts are also tourist attractions with vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, desert safari, and stunning beaches. Understandably, many people want to hire a private yacht or charter Dubai boat and come here yearly to unwind for a perfect customized and best yacht experience!

Number Game - Why a Cruise is the Best Tourist Activity in Dubai

The world has over 10,000 luxurious rental yachts. Yacht charter has a global market size of USD 11.4 billion in 2022 and a projected CAGR of 6.7% from 2023 to 2032. Manufacturers use innovative technology such as advanced navigation systems, onboard automation, and eco-friendly propulsion systems to enhance customer experience and boost the industry.

Dubai, the financial powerhouse of the United Arab Emirates, is the second-most searched yacht rental location worldwide, after Miami City in Florida, USA. According to data provided by Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region growth trajectory is upward, and the yacht market is projected to expand from 306.16 million in 2022 to an impressive USD 481.53 million by 2028.

Dubai has 15 marinas with over 3,000 berths, which can handle a variety of comfortable yachts as well as giga and super yachts. Dubai Harbour leads the list for attracting the best yachts due to its historical connection with the Arabian Sea.

Marinas showcases various activities and tourist attractions due to futuristic infrastructure, skyscrapers, eateries, and other facilities. DIBS, in its latest show in 2023, put on a boat show of more than 200 different yachts active in the city.

With a private boat rental in Dubai like OCD, you can experience the surroundings from their intended perspective: the ocean.

Boat and Yacht rentals in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, one of the city’s affluent neighborhoods and marinas, has many delicious eateries, attractions, stores, and other establishments. It has a lengthy super yacht charter with 160 dry berths and 454 wet berths and can fit 60 superyachts of any size. You can see the famous towers while cruising along Dubai coastlines. However, moving through the Marina stands out as you can see the majestic skyscrapers and the unique artificial island shaped like a palm tree called Palm Jumeirah. Those views make renting a yacht in Dubai a perfect outing.

In addition, you can always opt for a yacht cruise in Dubai to one of the surrounding undiscovered islands and take advantage of a day-long yacht excursion, which comes at affordable rates. Given the many options available, getting a luxury yacht rental in Dubai Marina is more manageable than it seems.

For what purposes can you rent a Yacht in Dubai?

Corporate Meetings

You can go sailing as part of your job! Organize a corporate event for client trips, team building exercises, celebrating the achievement of targets, or simply giving your staff some change by providing a boat to sail in the fascinating Dubai waters.

Family Gatherings

Family gatherings on tranquil waters are the most precious thing you can have by spending quality time with your loved ones on luxurious yachts. The water will always be a part of our memories.

Personal Events

We have many services for your special occasions. Our experts will help you to select the best and all-inclusive luxury yacht packages according to the occasion and ensure you have a memorable time with family and friends. Be it a wedding cruise, birthday party, or any special event, prepare for a posh yacht party.

Water Sports

Water sports can be the most enjoyable thing. Would you like to ride a jet ski or a Banana Boat ride in Dubai? Select your boat type from the fleet of yachts, mega yachts, deep-sea yachts, and exclusive yachts. We provide water sports equipment, super yachts, and many more vessels depending on the occasion. Our quality yacht team helps you in a high-energy adventure at competitive rental prices.

Deep Sea Fishing

You can go for an exciting fishing trip. Whether you are an amateur in fishing or an experienced angler, there are packages per your requirements. We provide excellent professional customer service. Yacht for rent in Dubai may be a terrific way to see the city while still having access to home comforts and indulging in adventure. Fishing charters are equipped with the best boats and gear to ensure you have the best experience in Dubai waters while fishing.


A boat tour in Dubai affordable. The prices vary depending on whether it is a full or part-time rental. Fuel, beverages, docking fees are often included in the cost of full-time rentals. Rent for occasional rentals may consist of something other than food. The boat can be a fishing or sailing cruiser, and the cost varies. Selecting the best possible alternative might take a lot of work because prices change according to the season.

Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

You can enjoy all the comforts of home in a luxury yacht. The major conveniences offered in a yacht charter are:

Why must you Book a Rental Yacht in Dubai?

Choose the most suitable yacht cruise, then explore the city’s beauty with Dubai’s most trusted yacht rental marketplace- OneClickDrive. The best Dubai attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Royal Atlantis, World Island, The Dubai Canal, Dubai Fountain, Gold Souq, and Dubai Creek can be seen onboard for unforgettable memories. On an adventurous boat ride to Dubai Marina, take the city’s numerous futuristic structures and the marina promenade, mall, and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

It’s an extraordinary experience to view Dubai Marina from a yacht and a fantastic area to observe the stunning views surrounding the skyscrapers and other attractions. Exciting neighborhoods, stalls, outdoor eating options, a Marina walk, and thrilling activities can be experienced in the Marina, making your visit a memorable experience.

You may see the enormous artificial island as a palm tree if you sail through Palm Jumeirah. You can also see the renowned resort, Atlantis Hotel, the Palm. Burj Al Arab, the rare 7-star hotel worldwide, is also viewed with luxurious yachts.

Yacht Rental Dubai Options

Choosing a yacht rental in Dubai varies depending on your preferences and guest size for instance for a group of 10 people a 53ft yacht is the perfect option. Here are the options you will find on our marketplace:

Speed boats

Speed boats are swift, small, and commonly employed for quick journeys or thrill-seeking activities.

Luxury yachts

Luxury yachts are high-end vessels with luxurious amenities for leisure and upscale voyages.

Fishing boats

Unique Boats are made for fishing with all the safety measures. They are furnished with living wells, tackle, and catch storage.


This sailboat has multi-hulls for comfort and stability. It is compact with two parallel hulls popular for gatherings and family cruises.

Party boats

Party boat rentals come with professional stereo music systems, lighting instruments, and entertainment spaces explicitly built to hold events and parties. You can also opt to cater food at an additional cost.

How Does One Click Drive Ensure an Amazing Yacht Experience?

Dubai, located near the Arabian Sea, is ideal for tourists interested in water sports, fishing, and yacht parties. At OneClickDrive (OCD), we offer Dubai’s best yacht rental experience, ensuring all maritime needs are met. From jet skis to speedboats to deep-sea fishing, when you book yacht with us, you are bound to have memorable moments on the water.

We ensure a seamless experience when it comes to Dubai yacht booking. The quality cabin crew ensures you and your family or friends get the best moment on the deck and witness the iconic skyline. These yachts aren’t just marine vessels but venues for incredible memories. You can throw themed birthday parties, organize family get-togethers and celebrations with office colleagues, and much more.

OCD offers a wide range of yachting options from various suppliers. Our suppliers for yachts for rent in Dubai or Dubai boat rentals stand as a testament to luxury. We help you plan the adventure according to your budget and the number of persons accompanying you onboard. Suppose a superyacht or mega yacht doesn’t fit in your budget. In that case, we provide many alternatives, like renting a boat so that budget constraints stay within your ambition to sail in the Dubai marinas and enjoy every moment.

Our team will make every effort to make your cruise a remarkable experience if you want to travel outside Dubai. The supplier makes sure you receive the best services on the day of your charter, whether across the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, or the Caribbean. Our yacht charters and boat rentals cover all.

OCD Yacht Charter

To book a yacht rental that is ideal for your marine voyage, we urge you to browse hundreds of vessel options from several yacht rental companies from OCD. The crew ensures you enjoy the most from your time. We are UAE’s most trusted yacht renting company in Dubai, with the best yacht charter and boat charter facilities.

With One Click Drive, foreigners and residents in Dubai can rent luxurious private yachts! We operate a large fleet of yachts available for rent. The boats range in size from 40 to 210 feet. Whether you want sailing, private yacht, motor yacht, boat tour, sunset cruise, dinner cruise near the Persian Gulf, around Ain Dubai, Atlantis Hotel, or watch the Dubai skyline, our marketplace provides unparalleled luxury ensuring an unforgettable yacht voyage.

Special Offers and Discounts on Boat Rental

OCD offers the best discounts for yacht rental in Dubai from suppliers, which may vary according to the season and your requirements, but some common ones in boat rental include:

Unlock Extraordinary Adventures with OCD

At OneClickDrive, we take care of every adventure-seeking desire. Whether you aim to sail through the glorious waters aboard a luxurious yacht in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, explore the unmatchable beauty of the Emirates in rent high-performance sports cars, chauffeur-driven cars for a thrilling drive, or plan an unforgettable desert safari or water sports activity such as Deep sea fishing or engage in an exciting experience like Formula 1 Yacht Abu Dhabi, we have covered everything for you!

Now, enjoy the thrill of our diverse offerings in Dubai, find a yacht you love, and experience crewed luxury. We serve quality food after knowing your guest list, preferences, allergies, and drinking water. Our expert staff has extensive knowledge on board. We provide high-quality boats with boat licenses and can arrange multi-day boat trips for you. So gather like-minded people, pick your luxury boats, and get the best pricing for boat rentals.

Services that set us apart

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a suitable yacht in Dubai with OCD can cost from 900 AED per hour to almost 12,500 AED per hour, depending on the:

  • Yacht charter company you book from
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, and other facilities are available
  • Amenities like jacuzzi, swimming pool, etc
  • Captain and crew members

Additional travel services include decorations per occasion theme, equipment for fishing, refreshments, cake, and others. Contact us for details about inclusions in bookings and additional services that will be chargeable.

The Dubai Yacht, one of the world’s largest yachts, is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler, is the proud owner of this luxury yacht in Dubai. It has numerous luxurious amenities like a large pool, a disco, and a submarine garage; the yacht offers a lavish experience for its guests.

There are many requirements to drive a boat or rent yachts in Dubai. For example, you must have a Dubai Maritime City Authority license for owning a yacht in Dubai.

You need a valid license to drive a boat with a few exceptions. The waters of Dubai are regularly patrolled by the Federal Transport Authority (FTA), Coastguards, and Dubai Maritime Police. So, you must have all the documents in place to escape fines and punishments. However, you do not need a license to rent a yacht in Dubai, making this a viable option.

Yes, you can drink alcohol in a private room if there is a valid liquor license. You may not be allowed to bring your alcohol bottles onboard. Also, if only some people are onboard, you can only drink in public places, like on the dock.

You can swim during the broad daylight by using safety measures like wearing a life jacket. Each charter company in Dubai has lifeguards onboard to ensure you remain safe from any eventuality and enjoy the trip.

You can’t cook as most companies don’t allow you to use the kitchen. It is strictly for personal use. However, you bring home food and drinks while following the protocols. You can inform us about meal quantity and preferences, and we at OCD will serve the best fare for you.

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